Since the mid-1980s, Ron Cameron has been primarily known internationally as an innovative skateboarder, artist, and designer within the skateboarding culture. Never one to be limited to any particular field Ron applied his creativity to skateboard art, deck and wheel design, skateboard ramp and obstacle design, clothing and shoe design, wall murals, painting, cartooning, acting, video direction, filming and editing, record cover design, live DJ, music, writing, ad campaigns, magazine layout, food packaging, marketing, brand ID, and much more.

At the early age of 16, Ron started working professionally in the commercial art field for the food marketing agencies Park Smith Marketing and Timothy Buckles Design Group, both in downtown Sacramento, California. By the late 1980s, at a local skateboard company called Blockhead (which Ron was first sponsored by in 1985), he was able to develop his own unique design style by combining 1960s psychedelic poster art, early 1980s graffiti, gritty punk rock xerox zine graphics, underground music vibes, the emerging street skateboarding culture, and his own uncommon ideas and special vision. The fact that Ron was still a teenager while this was all unfolding it wasn’t unusual that he had his “finger on the pulse” that struck a chord with like-minded “skate rats” around the globe who were aching for something new, fresh and exciting. Ron was in the trenches living the culture; in the streets, entering contests, and barging parties with skateboarding’s best-sponsored ams and pros. 

Out of the hundreds (and maybe thousands) of designs, graphics, illustrations, and logos that Ron has released to the world over the past 30 years, the two that he is most likely recognized for is the Nothing Is Cool graphic that adorned the top of his Blockhead Skateboards model in 1988, and the logo for RVCA (pronounced RUCA) Clothing (a brand which he was one of the three founders of) in 1999. 

Currently Ron has been focusing on a variety of creative projects. The first, The Way Out, is a music-related project based on his enormous music collection of vinyl records and CDs which Ron has been amassing since he was a teenager, spending the majority of his spare cash on used records that helped influence his extremely original art style. He has been performing this live as a DJ since 2011, and is developing it into a weekly radio show concept, and of course it includes a small t-shirt line featuring Ron’s designs. He is also designing future-forward and retro-historic skateboard related designs under the brand names Tragic Skates and Ron Cameron Designs. Moving from graphic design to fine art is also on his horizon.

– – – – – 

Pre-computer, and post-computer Ron has done layout, graphic design, illustration and packaging for companies inside and outside of skateboarding such as: Marie’s Dressings, Nature’s Warehouse, Zacky Farms Chicken, R.H. Phillips Winery, TransWorld Skateboarding magazine, Big Brother magazine, Warped Tour, Warp magazine, ESPN X-Games, Heckler magazine, RVCA clothing, Ernie Ball guitar strings; and bands such as: The Mummies, Big Drill Car, and Buck-O-Nine. 

Specifically in the skateboarding world, Ron has done board graphics and shapes, concave molds, wheel graphics and shapes, ads, t-shirt art, packaging, trade show booths, and wall murals for companies such as: Blockhead, H-Street, Vision, Sector 3, Acme, Formula One, Strike, Channel One, World Industries, Blind, Grape Netwerk, Toy Machine, Foundation, 510 Wood, G&S, True Love, Krooked, and Real.  

Ron has designed clothing, textile prints, shoes, hats, and other accessories for companies such as: Skate Rags, Airwalk, Acme Built, Vans, etnies, RVCA, Circa, and Nike SB.

Ron’s art and design has been featured in such international magazines as: Thrasher, TransWorld Skateboarding, Poweredge, Big Brother, Warp, Heckler, TransWorld Snowboarding, Communication Arts; and the books: Typographics Three – Global Vision, Disposable – A History Of Skateboard Art. 

Last but not least Ron has done video directing, editing, and filming for companies such as: Blockhead, Vision, Acme, Foundation, Scarecrow, and Strike. 

In addition to the above, during Ron’s skateboarding career between 1984-1994, his sponsors were (in chronological order): Skait Shop, Blockhead, Stussy, Go Skate shop, Vision Blurr Wheels, Vision Street Wear, The Wheel Zone shop, Wild Things, Independent Truck Co, Vans, Spitfire, Acme, and Twenty-Four Seven.

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“Ron Cameron is one of the most prolific artists to have worked in skateboarding over the last 20+ years- from Blockhead to RVCA to Toy Machine to Nike to Krooked to H-Street and beyond- but his name is not as “house-hold” as some of his contemporaries. Looking at how much he’s done and the quality of what he’s done, it’s hard to understand why. The fact that he’s humble and soft-spoken may have something to do with it, or that he picked up and moved to the desert to be able to work with less suburban distraction, but whatever the reason, Ron Cameron deserves much more attention, and with his Portfolio feature here we’re hoping to help that situation out! Check a bunch of his work from over the decades, some of his musical inspirations, and a good conversation about his experience as a skater and artist. Ron Cameron is the real deal skater/artist, was doing it long before it was a “thing” and will be doing it for years to come. Hats off to a true O.G.” 

– Mark Whiteley (Slap Magazine 2009)